What we do


PLMR East of England offers comprehensive and integrated communications services, delivering public affairs, public relations, crisis communications & reputation management support, planning communications and digital communications services. 

Public affairs

We ensure clients can successfully navigate, inform and impact the political, policy and regulatory context they face. We help clients engage with policy decision-makers and influential stakeholders to constructively shape this environment to achieve their commercial objectives.  

We support organisations to engage all tiers of government – implementing strategic public affairs campaigns at a national, Westminster level as well as across the devolved administrations, regional and local authorities.

From identifying the right political audiences and stakeholders, developing messaging and building cases that will resonate to implementing comprehensive engagement programmes and providing ongoing strategic counsel we ensure your voice is heard by the right people at the right level of government.

Stakeholder Engagement

When delivering change, particularly for development and regeneration projects, it is vital that stakeholders are consulted to positively influence the outcome. We advise and work with our clients to identify key stakeholders and work with them to build support for change. This includes councillors, MPs, parish councils, local interest groups, residents and businesses.

Led by a detailed understanding of stakeholder groups we deliver targeted messages using a range of communications channels – including digital, public exhibitions, workshops and meetings. Working closely with our in-house digital team we are consistently innovating to remain at the cutting edge of communications to better support our clients and secure support for change.

Crisis Communications and Reputation Management

Protecting and maintaining an organisation’s reputation – particularly at a time of crisis – is crucial. Effectively handling the external environment – across both traditional and social media as well as with key stakeholder groups – is key to this.

We provide businesses and other organisations with a comprehensive reputational management services, establishing and running 24/7 press office functions and acting as your link with the media and other audiences, responsible for handling all external communications.

We support organisations to achieve fair and balanced coverage, ensuring your voice and position is understood and that your reputation – and ongoing success – is maintained.

Public Relations

PR is constantly evolving and currently, it’s controlled by Google’s influence and real-time engagement. We get to know our clients and never lose sight of the strategic objectives. We produce and implement strong PR strategies and discover the best stories, so that we can secure the right media coverage, both online and offline.

Our team has the contacts and the relationships, and we know exactly what journalists are looking for. We help organisations gain exposure in national media, local press or trade publications, become thought leaders, attract the best employees, and spark conversations. 

Digital Communications

Our world is digital and more than ever people expect to communicate using digital channels. Whether its social media, website development, video production, animation or graphic design our in-house digital team is at the cutting edge of communication trends and technology.

This cuts across all sectors and specialisms and we support our clients to deliver outstanding websites, engaging social media campaigns and innovative consultation strategies.